Spooling your reel

In 4 simple steps...
Spooling your reel

Published: 28/02/2020

Here's a great tip for spooling up your reels. You get the best line-lay on big-pit style reels with less line twist.

1) Soak your bulk spool of K-Pulse in a bucket of warm water. This will help make the line suppler and remove some of coiling/memory caused by storage on the bulk spool.

2) Pull some line off the bulk spool and look at which direction the line comes off the spool - clockwise or anti-clockwise.

3) Place your spool back in the bucket of water with the spool facing up in the direction that allows the line to come off in the anti-clockwise direction. This will mean that when reeling the line onto your reel, it will go on in the same direction as it’s coming off the bulk spool, meaning it won’t twist in the opposite direction.

4) Attach your reel to the butt section of the rod, thread the mainline through the guide ring and down to the reel. Tie the line onto your spool, and start to reel the line on; but make sure that as you're reeling it on you use your finger and thumb to give it a little tension. This will help provide good line lay reduce more coiling/memory. Also, be sure not to over-fill your reels when doing this, as all this will do is cause tangles and line spill, whereas under-filling them will reduce your distance when casting.


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