Jannik Doelz


Jannik Doelz

Jannik lives and fishes in an area in Germany that is surrounded by large and very deep reservoirs and many rivers. It is precisely on these waters that he has specialised his carp fishing. The reservoirs are mainly characterised by little natural food, as well as very low fish population and fishing pressure. In order to still be successful on a regular basis, an extremely precise analysis of the water structures is required.

DOB: 26.08.1995

Based in: Wuppertal, Germany

Joined Kodex: November 2020

Favourite venues: Reservoirs and rivers

Favourite method: Mobile fishing with very compact fishig gear to pursue any signs of fish activity.

Favourite product by Kodex: KX-i rods

PB: 48lb

Future angling inspirations: Enjoying time on the water and spending more time carp fishing on big rivers and German canals.


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