New retractable carp rods

These will be the best of their type...
New retractable carp rods

Published: 15/02/2021

Many modern carp anglers require gear that is easily transportable, allowing for quick manoeuvrability from spot to spot to find bites. Retractable carp rods have therefore become a popular choice in recent years. This type of rod has a butt section that retracts in on itself to make the overall rod length much shorter, for ease of transportation. The problem with many retractable rods is that they struggle to retain the action, casting ability and power, compared to conventional 12’ two piece rods of the same length. Kodex have addressed this problem with the upcoming Kompressive range… Kompressive Website News 2_NEW.jpg

Kompressive rods from Kodex offer an incredible action for such a compact and retractable design. With high quality fittings throughout, they're an impressive range with compressive qualities. Casting long distances and playing fish are made easy due to the immense power, superb action and anti-frap tip guide. They are slim and lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Kompressive Website News 3.jpg

The range of Kompressive rods will include 6ft, 9ft and 10ft versions – namely the T6, T9, T10 models. They collapse to just 0.74m, 1.13m and 1.23m respectively, to make transportation really easy. Kompressive Website News 4.jpg

Further features include a S-Line reel seat, polymer safe line-clip, as well as minimal lightweight guides, including a 40mm butt ring and anti-frap tip. Kompressive Website News 5.jpg

Retractable rods are not a new design, but Kodex believe they have certainly improved on the quality of what’s already out there. Plus, they’re going to be available to buy at very affordable prices.

A quick search online reveals prices for this type of rod starting from at least £49.99. The Kompressive rods from Kodex will be available from around just £39, if you shop around or ask your local stockist for their best deal price. So, the Kompressive rods not only offer an improved action, but also great value for money. This is actually to be expected, given Kodex’s mission statement – which is to offer improved tackle to carp anglers at affordable prices.

You can find detailed specifications like test curves on the links below. Stock is expected to land in the UK around June. In the meantime, if you’d like to pre-order any of the Kompressive rods, please ask your local stockist to do this for you.

• Kompressive T6
• Kompressive T9
• Kompressive T10 Kompressive Website News 6.jpg


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